Our work activities, which includes photo and video shoots, cover a wide range of events, ceremonies, and occasions.

In particular, we propose several solutions for weddings, always trying to meet the future couple’s requests.

The photo service includes color and B/W photos, 20x30 - 30x30 size on 35x35 format panels, collected in elegant cases, available in different color combinations to choose from. We offer several albums types, traditional photo albums and photo books. Included in the service we provide photos of different formats, such as multiple-images photos, two 21x21 photo books including part of the collection (for the parents) and a DVD with the digital version of the photographs.

Moreover, we are assisted by experienced camera operators.

For other ceremonies, occasions and events, we create photo books in other formats.

We offer further consultant services for the organization of weddings and other events, since we own an extensive inventory of companies and products as a consequence of our many years of experience in this field.

Fix an appointment with us in order to receive your estimate of costs, based on your specific requests.
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Copyright © Dphotoreportage
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